For beginners, I hope these tips will be useful


If you are a beginner in yoga, you will always have a lot of doubts and confusion. This is normal. The following are some suggestions for beginners, I hope it will be useful to you!

1. Accept that you are a beginner

We can all accept the fact that we are beginners when learning musical instruments, driving, etc. Therefore, when starting yoga practice, it is also possible to be a beginner. If your hips are still tight after two lessons, or you are still confused about your posture after a month, please remember that you just start, just like adjusting your instrument, it takes time to fine-tune your body.

2. Slow down

Many fast-paced, fitness-based yoga classes are powerful and uplifting, but if you are not familiar with postures and transitions, you can easily get hurt. Be patient during the first few weeks of practice and choose a gentler course so that you can find the feeling when you practice. It can make the teacher's one-on-one guidance better.

3. Breath

It is normal for beginners to forget that breathing is normal. If you find yourself particularly difficult to balance, please remind yourself to breathe! When we breathe in a smooth and relaxed way, a message is sent to the body and brain saying that this is good, it helps to reduce stress and increase happiness. Remember to remind yourself to breathe.

4. Find the right mat!

Practicing yoga, a suitable mat can avoid slipping: buy a yoga mat that will not slip and do not apply hand cream before class. This will help you to be more confident and focused when practicing yoga!

5. Let go of expectations

When we only focus on the result, we deny that we have the ability to truly and completely appear in front of ourselves in the present moment. The result or achievement of any practice is beyond our control, so focus on the present moment.

6. Forget the picture and focus on yourself

It is easy to fall into the notion that in a yoga class, you must complete the complete expression of the posture, especially the pictures you have seen on the Internet. The truth is that everyone is different, and everyone practices yoga for different reasons. Forget about yoga pictures or opinions you have seen before; your yoga practice is about yourself.

7. Remember: do everything how you do one thing

Yoga can effectively help you increase your physical and mental awareness. If you clasp your shoulders in a yoga class, you might do the same in your daily life. If you hold your breath or grit your teeth, then you may do the same in your daily life. All these small actions send stress messages to the body and brain, so please pay attention to adjustments.

8.Focus on the basics

Regardless of the posture, the foundation of the body is very important. Just like the foundation of a house, the entire structure depends on it, so please pay attention to the placement of hands and feet. Spread out your fingers and toes to establish a foundation for support, and listen to the teacher's prompts.

9. Exercise the core

A strong core can not only help you be more powerful, but also make your yoga practice more relaxing and enjoyable. As the center of the body, the core is involved in almost every action we do. The stronger your core strength, the less likely you are to be injured.

10. Integrate into life

Yoga practice is not only our hours on the mat, but the 24 hours in life. Incorporate the mindfulness, breathing, self-confidence, strength, concentration and presence we have built in yoga into our daily lives, and pass these benefits to everyone!

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